Apostolic Experience Publishing Challenges the World to Know and
Live the Apostolic Experience!

The Apostolic experience implies healing, power, and salvation. And to the extent that we, the church, are not exhibiting these traits on a powerful, everyday level, that means that we are lacking a true understanding of what it means to be Apostolic.

We say that we are not a denomination, or a religion, but a chosen people who chooses everyday to follow the apostles’ doctrine given to them by Jesus Christ. But an untrained eye can see the religiosity in our actions everyday. Many people see us as a dressed down shell that houses nothing but the memory and sounds of what once was the HolyGhost.

We at Apostolic Experience Publishing understand the urgency these final days bring for a true Apostolic experience in our communities, country, and world. That is why we publish culturally relevant doctrinal, Christian living, and inspirational materials by Pentecostal authors. Our materials educate, inspire, challenge and promote the Apostolic experience.